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Dad of A Diabetic Daughter Doing Difficult Duty Running Ragnar Right

I would highly recommend every parent of a young child with type 1 diabetes spend some time doing something difficult -- immersed in a group of grown adults with type 1 diabetes.  Last month I had the privilege of running  Ragnar Trails Cascades with Team ConnecT1D . The run was AMAZINGLY fun, of course, but the experience of being the only person on the team with a fully-functional pancreas really had an unexpected impact on me. It was a little bit depressing - and yet tremendously inspirational. My INTENT was to show my nine-year old daughter Darcie, who has type 1 diabetes, and LOVES to run, that she doesn't have to slow down, even though exercising, and distance running in particular, can be a little tricky for someone with type 1 diabetes. In particular, it is common for someone with type 1 diabetes to experience a 'low'* (hypoglycemia) when running, or at least have to carefully plan ahead to avoid it. I am regularly seen at Seattle-area 5K runs and CYO cross count