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Google Calendar Chart Visualization of A Day in the Life of My Diabetic Daughter

My 9 year old daughter Darcie has Type 1 Diabetes, and we use a Google Sheet to track her blood sugar, carb intake, and a couple of other important T1 details. She enters data on a Google Form, and it's populated in the corresponding Google Sheet. We have a number (a large number...) of charts we use to visualize what's going on there.  We, along with her endocrinologist, use the log and the charts to help determine what tweaks we need to make to her insulin regimen to keep her safe and healthy. To see a good visual representation of what goes on with her blood sugar over time, and especially to tell if her school routine, summer routine, and weekend routine are all on track, all along I would have loved to have had a Calendar Chart . We've been working on some pretty cool interactive Calendar Charts over at Tiller , and I'm already totally hooked on using this kind of chart to help me understand my spending habits, so also using them to visualize blood sugar checks i