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Epic Road Trip Planner 2023 Year In Review

Epic Road Trip Planner  2023 Year in Review Building in Public A few years ago, I set out to plan an extended family cross-country road trip , and was flabbergasted at just how annoying and time-consuming it was to do so. It was a chore. It IS a chore. In early 2023, I founded Epic Road Trip Planner on the not-so-novel idea that both planning AND taking an epic road trip could actually be an enjoyable experience -- NOT a chore.  I firmly believe in building in public, so now that we've got the better part of a year behind us, I'd like to share a bit about how it went and what's next. Bottom Line Up Front In 2023, over 15,000 Epic Road Trip Planner users planned almost 20,000 road trips. I genuinely hope you all took every last one of them, and had an absolutely amazing time! 2023 Timeline The first very basic prototype of Epic Road Trip Planner went live online Monday, March 13. Just a few days later, I took a little trek up to Stemma Brewing Company in Bellingham to atte