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Jumping Back Into the Arena

I've been a bit busy.  That's like the world's most terrible, overused excuse, but I feel like I owe an explanation why this is the first blog post I've written in a couple of years. I was really focused on Tiller Money, so between that amazing company and my own family, the reality is I just didn't feel like making blogging a priority for a while. No more excuses, though - I left Tiller earlier this summer, on great terms, after a truly wonderful five years. I still love that team and the service. Tiller is doing an incredible job helping people with their personal finances, but, to put it concisely, I was getting 'antsy'. I took the summer off to spend with family and figure out what I wanted to do next. Now the kids are back in school (well, sort of, anyway), the leaves are turning, the rain has started falling, AND the furnace kicked in yesterday - all good cues for me to get back to work. I'm not just back to blogging though, I'm straight-up jum